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Dry Skin

Papaw ointment works wonders on dry hands, dry feet, split knuckles, dry knees and ankles, and all over the body. Even eczema is no match for Papaw ointment. It moisturizes and protects keeping your skin naturally fresh all day.

Cracked Lips

Papaw ointment softens your lips while simultaneously locking in their natural moisture. The 25 gram tubes make keeping this super fruit on you at all times a snap and the glide on applicator is perfect for chapped or dry lips.


Spend all day in the sun only to find your skin sore, burned, and dried out? No problem. Papaw cream relieves the inflammation of the skin caused by prolonged exposure to the sun while reducing itchiness and keeping your skin moist.


Minor injuries are no match for papaw ointment. By keeping the skin moist and flexible your body can repair cuts and scrapes much easier and because its natural there’s no risk of infection or inflammation brought on by the product itself.


Papaw cream quickly reduces friction between skin to skin contact or skin to clothing contact by lubricating and protecting the skins surface. Athletes from runners, baseball players, to horse riders use it prior to engaging in sport to keep their body protected and comfortable.


Minor burns should be treated immediately with papaw ointment to reduce the temperature of the burned area and reduce damage to the skin. Papaw ointment helps remove the temperature of the burned area and immediately starts recovering damaged skin.

Diaper Rash

As any parent knows a baby’s bottom is an extremely sensitive area and with the constant chafing from diapers and the body waste they trap all babies will develop rashes, redness, and soreness in this area. Papaw cream moistens, soothes, and heals diaper rash uses 100% all natural papaya so you can keep a smile on your little one’s face.