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papaya nutrition

papaya nutritionPapaya and paw paw cream have a vast multitude of health benefits due to their high levels of helpful vitamins and nutrients. Recurring colds and other sicknesses are alleviated due to the strengthening effect that the fruit has on our immune system. Consuming paw paw juice regenerates helpful bacteria in our bodies that is killed during antibiotic treatments. Parasites residing in your intestines are destroyed by papain, an enzyme that is derived from paw paw. This enzyme is proteolytic in nature, as it digests non-living or inert proteins. Protein is the main component of intestinal parasites, meaning that papain destroys these parasites when they are present in the body.

Lucas Paw Paw ointment is most commonly used in Australia, and people here are well aware of its ability to treat skin problems. Lucas paw paw ointment is a topical application for nappy rash, insect bites, open wounds, splinters, rash, gravel, cracked skin, cuts, chafing, burns, and boils. Paw Paw cream also brings temporary relief to people who are suffering from hemorrhoids, eczema and dermatitis. It works as an antiseptic agent against infection and provides a soothing effect to wounds. Paw paw ointment is suitable for all age groups due to the fact that it is both natural and gentle.

Paw Paw ointment is effective in fighting eczema, especially during the winter months when dry, severe weather causes numerous skin problems in many people. The cream is also quite useful for the treatment of dry, cracked lips as it hydrates and soothes damaged skin.

Paw Paw cream has a creamy texture and is quite thick, which is similar to petroleum products such as Vaseline. It has a clear and light orange color free of sediment. The cream applies clear and has a slight, yet distinct odor, which is natural smelling with a hint of papaya fruit.

You’ll achieve a soothing effect as soon as you put it on your lips. Paw paw cream spreads quite easily and melts the moment it touches skin, but it still remains thick in comparison with other common creams. It is also quite effective in relieving eczema without any side effects. You won’t find any other cream that is quite as effective in treating your skin.

Paw paw ointment never absorbs too quickly due to its dense consistency and it retains it’s moisturizing properties making it quite effective. Your skin is left with a soft feeling after use.Blisters and wounds will not become inflamed or irritated with continued use.

You can use the Lucas Papaw Ointment as a topical application for the following ailments:

  • Boils and abscesses
  • Burns and bruises
  • Chafing and Carbuncles
  • Cysts and cuts
  • Cracked and dry skin on hands and feet
  • Heat and gravel rash
  • Mosquito bites and insect stings
  • Pimples and open wounds
  • Sunburn and scalds
  • Injury causing swelling
  • Thorns and splinters
  • Whitlow and tinea versicolor
  • Cracked nipples and nappy rash
  • Temporary treatment of eczema and other dermatitis symptoms.

You can buy the ointment in 200gm and 75gm tubs and 25gm tubes. You won’t come across this product in any UK stores, as this is an Australian product. The tubs would cost you approximately 19.99 and 9.99 pounds respectively, while the tubes cost 3.49 pounds. Other ointments on the market are simply less effective than Lucas Papaw cream.



Papain Structure

Papain StructurePapain and chymopapain are enzymes present in Papaya fruit that help ease the digestion process among other traits. It helps to turn proteins present in food into amino acids. In different organisms amino acid acts as the primary agent in affecting various chemical reactions that arise out of our mental and physical actions. Digestive enzymes are being produced in smaller proportions inside our stomach and pancreas as we grow up. This is turn can result in ineffective protein digestion the result of which causes the growth of bad bacteria in large numbers inside the gastrointestinal system. Quality protein is absolutely necessary for maintaining good health. This is where the papaya enzymes play a key role.

Papain, found in papayas, is a proteolytic enzyme which digests inert, non-living, proteins. Intestinal parasites are killed when they’re attacked by papain. Protein is the main component of these parasites.

Papain has even shown promising use in treating the symptoms incurred during cancer treatments. Various research has shown that the effects of radiation and chemotherapy, that often cause pain and mouth sores while swallowing food are being soothed with papain. Along with protecting our immune system it also encourages the immune system to fight off the cancerous cells. Rochway, an Australian company, has come up with their unique product called Papaya 35, which bears enzymes of fermented papaya. It is a green tea loaded with papain and a very common way of getting large quantities of papain into your body.

Free radicals are also being kept out of our bodies with the use of their other product, Papaya Probiotic. Free radicals are commonly associated with diseases like Parkinson’s, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and cancer. You’ll need to choose a sugar free papaya product though if you’re a diabetes patient. There are numerous benefits of consuming papaya and the list of benefits keeps growing everyday.

Many websites publish information on papaya research and medicinal uses. There are tons of different products out there to choose from. On the other hand why not just pick up some fresh fruits for direct consumption. Green or unripe papaya bears papain and chymopapain enzymes (proteolytic) in greater quantities than a ripe papaya. So if you’re in it for the medicine as opposed to the taste see what kind of deals you can score on non-ripe papaya.

Papaya and papain have the following medicinal properties:

  • Improves protein quality
  • Revitalizing your body and maintaining vitality and energy
  • Encourages regeneration of muscle tissue
  • Safeguards cardiovascular system
  • Protects your immune system
  • Assists the digestion process by segregating proteins and by supporting production of digestive enzymes
  • Papaya can be used externally in a number of ways like treating skin wounds. A papaya ointment can help heal you quickly
  • Keeps cataract formation at bay
  • Papaya bears vitamin A in high amounts and it lowers the chances of emphysema in both passive and active smokers
  • Alleviates Inflammation
  • Reduces nausea and constipation

Users of papaya cream have often shared their experiences across various web-based forums. Once you go through such experiences, you may get confused about the side effects and what would suit your skin texture. Seek expert advice under all circumstances. It is always best to speak with a doctor prior to selecting a papaya based treatment for medical ailments. Read through the labels carefully and make a note of all of the ingredients. As always, do your own homework when it comes to your health.

immunity foods

immunity foods

Our immunity gets stronger by the magic paw paw creates in a bid to protect our body from cold and flu that affect us time and again. Consuming the juice of paw paw after any antibiotic treatment causes good bacteria to be produced within the intestine. Most antibiotic treatments lead to the death of good bacteria along with the bad ones by their very nature. This gap in the amount of good bacteria can be lessened by the use of papaw enzymes. One such example is papain, an enzyme formed out of papaw, which destroys many parasites residing within the intestine. Non-living proteins are being digested by photolytic enzymes, such as papain. The key component in the survival of all intestinal parasites is protein. The parasites are thusly killed by papain when it attacks these proteins.

Australia has a large industry of papaw ointments, and the inhabitants are aware of the strength and properties of this fruit in curing skin ailments. Our paw paw cream is made from fresh fermented fruit and various other natural ingredients. There are no side effects from this natural product which is a very effective remedy.

This local topical application is truly effective against boils, burns, chafing, cuts, cracked skin, gravel, rash, splinters, open wounds, insect bites and nappy rash. Users of papaw cream will see temporary relief from more serious ailments such as eczema, hemorrhoids, and dermatitis. Besides providing a soothing effect, it cures wounds and prevents infection being a natural antiseptic agent.

During winter, eczema can pose a serious challenge with the change in atmosphere becoming even dryer. Even if you don’t get eczema the change in moisture can still wreak havoc on your skin.  This can lead to cracked lips and knuckles. Using papaw ointment on these ailments can be a god send, restoring moisture and flexibility even in cold temperatures.

Once it’s applied on your lips it will produce a soothing effect. Melting starts once the papaw cream gets in touch with your skin, and it spreads quite easily. It might seem a bit thicker in comparison with other creams that you use. It brings relief for all users as it soothes and bears no side effects. It’s a challenge to find another cream which has such positive effects on your skin.

The papaw ointment is a very effective moisturizer and its density never allows it to get absorbed so quickly. You’ll go hours without your skin feeling even the slightest bit of dryness. When applied to blisters they won’t inflame or become sore like other products have a tendency to do.

Use papaw cream on the following:

  • Cysts and cuts
  • Heat and gravel rash
  • Pimples and open wounds
  • Mosquito bites and insect stings
  • Injury causing swelling
  • Sunburn and scalds
  • Cracked nipples and nappy rash

Our papaw ointment is available in a variety of sizes. Once only available in Australia we’re able to ship our product worldwide.

Angel with Fruit

Angel with FruitPapaya is called the “fruit of the angels” a term that became more popular when its health benefits became more widely known. The fruit has many different properties that can maintain the beauty of the skin for a long time. The fruit originates from Central America and the north side of South America, but it is now cultivated in the majority of sub-tropical areas. It is appreciated not only for its healing characteristics, but also because of its taste which is very similar to peaches and melons.

The papaw ointment we craft is rich in magnesium, potassium, iron, calcium and minerals, and also vitamins that are crucial for good-looking skin. For example, the content of beta-carotene in papaya is three times higher than the one contained in carrots, and some of the enzymes have anti-inflammatory properties that are essential for healing burns and wounds in a natural way.

The fruits of papaya are highly valued in cosmetics because of the rich content of vitamin A. We use the extracts of this fruit to prepare our own paw paw ointment. You can find hundreds of products of this kind on the market, but how can you be sure you’re buying a truly all-natural product? Well, the papaya ointment we make is quite simply just that: 100% all natural with no chemical additives or enhancers.

Papaw ointment is used to maintain elasticity of the skin, improving your skins tone with vitamins C and A. You’ll see your wrinkles reduced and the resistance of your skin to cold weather and other mechanical factors is greatly improved.

Because of the high level of anti-oxidants papaya can help prevent certain skin and stomach cancers. It is a good energizer, and people who consume papaya regularly report feeling more vigorous and strong.

The seeds of the papaya are also used to treat various ailments. Those seeds are comestible, having a peppered taste. They also have anti-inflammatory properties and are used as a natural pain killer. As a paste they can accelerate the healing process of burns which is used in many countries as a post operation treatment.

Papaya is perfect to improve the visual functions due to its high beta-carotene content. This substance is deposed at the level of the skin, having a protective role and reducing the negative effects of the sunrays. Because it contains iron some doctors also recommend papaya cream for strengthening the bone structure.

While papaya ointment is the best way to get this wonder fruit into your skin the fruit itself has some great properties. Because of its delectable taste and visual appeal many chefs use papaya to ornate different cakes and other high end food preparations. You can also combine them with yogurt for a simple and tasty snack. Blended it makes quite the smoothie and even baked it goes well with pork and chicken.

Given its high vitamin C content it has proven as useful in reducing the symptoms of arthritis and rheumatism. According to one study the risk of arthritis is reduced by 70 % if you consume one papaya every day.

The fruits that are rich in beta-carotene such as papaya are perfect to reduce the apparition of pulmonary diseases. It is the result of the rich vitamin A content of papaya that helps negate this risk. In men vitamin A will reduce the risks of prostate cancer. If an apple a day can keep the doctor away then a papaya a day will surely help you live a long and prosperous life.

face mask

face maskMaintaining the health and beauty of your skin is a battle every woman faces. Stress, age, cold, or pollution can leave irreparable marks on your face and body. One solution for those problems is closer than you might think. It may be right in your kitchen or in your garden in the very fruits and vegetables you consume every day. However, we’re not talking about traditional local fruits and vegetables though many do contain various health and beauty benefits. We’re talking about a more exotic fruit—the papaya. Using fermented papaya juice we’d like to introduce you to papaw ointment, a natural product that has been proven effective for over a century yet so few people actually know about it.

Although we are talking about an exotic fruit that is not common in Europe or much of North America, it was brought to these areas around the year 1900. People would to pay astonishing sums of money to have it at the time. As the time passed modern transporting methods and new technologies allowed producers of paw paw ointment, such as Lucas Papaw Ointment, to produce larger quantities of this product and reduce the price to the consumer. You’ll often see different product for different skin types. Papaw ointment is one of the only natural products proven effective for all types of skin.

Using a natural face mask is a wonderful way to remove fine lines and wrinkles. It can be created from paw paw ointment in a combination with other fruits or vegetables, allowing you to soak up all the richness that nature has to offer. The best natural face masks are made of the simplest products possible, and you can find plenty of fruits and vegetables that have a miraculous effect on your skin when combined with papaya ointment. The preparation process is also very easy.

If you want to maintain beautiful skin, removing your makeup every evening is a must, but it is not enough in and of itself. Your face will greatly benefit from a rejuvenating mask every week. The advantage of preparing your own mask is that you will always know what it contains, and you don’t need to worry about some unknown harmful chemical or always be checking an expiration date. Moreover, you won’t have to pay the outrageous price of some of the masks that are available on the market, a cost that has nearly zero benefit.

When you try our papaw cream and you see the positive results, don’t stop there, and continue to use it. Many women make the mistake of stopping the treatment as soon as they obtain the initial desired results. You skin needs rejuvenating help every day, and this is why you should continue the treatment with papaya cream. Of course, you will also need to know your type of skin you have, as different masks are needed for different types of skin. In every case though, combining papaya ointment with fruits and vegetables is perfect for all types of skin.

Before using the papaw cream and mask, make sure your face is perfectly clean. Wash it with a  PH neutral soap, and then apply the mask. Apply the mask on the whole surface of the face, except your eyes and lips. You can use honey on the lips for smoothness if you’d like. Try to stay as relaxed as possible with the mask on and keep the mask on your face for at least 30 minutes.

While the papaya cream can be easily removed with water, you can also wash it away with milk for enhanced results. Try to avoid using chemical cosmetic products for two or three hours after removing the mask.

Using natural products in a face mask shouldn’t be a secret. The major cosmetic producers don’t have any interest in promoting natural, often cheaper, products and so we hope you’ve found this article of some benefit. Whatever natural mask blend you come across try adding papaw ointment to the mix for the best results.