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  • What You Need to Know About The Paw Paw Fruit

    In addition to protecting your body from the flu and sudden colds, paw paw also improves the immune system. The development of helpful intestinal bacteria is facilitated with the intake of paw paw juice following a treatment of antibiotics. Antibiotics will generally kill both the good and bad bacteria within the intestine and paw paw helps to replace the good bacteria. The benefit of consuming paw paw is actually contained in the enzyme papain, which kills parasites residing in the intestine. Being a proteolytic enzyme, papain helps inert proteins to be digested more easily.

    Although some of us tend to be doubtful about the benefits of paw paw ointment, no-one can deny the ointment’s effective curing of skin ailments. The ‘fresh fermented fruit’ as it reads on the label, offers a quality remedy without any harmful side effects.

    The ointment offers a solution for nappy rash, boils, insect bites, burns, open wounds, chafing, splinters, cuts, rash, cracked skin, and gravel rash. For people who are looking for a hemorrhoid remedy, paw paw cream is your answer. With antiseptic properties, it restricts infection, cleans wounds and offers a soothing effect. Due to it’s natural ingredients, paw paw ointment is suitable for all ages and skin types.

    Your doctor or friends may suggest various creams for the cold winter months, but if you’re suffering with eczema, then paw paw cream is surely something worth trying out.

    In addition to applying Lucas paw paw ointment on any chafed or dry areas, cold crusty sores, stings and bites, elbows, cuticles, or dry heels and feet, you may also use it as a hand cream and apply it on your arms, nose and lips. Due to it’s natural ingredients, paw paw cream can be safely used by anyone. Papaw
    ointment also has antiseptic properties that make it great for treating small cuts and burns.
    Paw paw ointment is a transparent orange color and it’s consistency is similar to petroleum products such as Vaseline. It smells a bit unique, although the smell is neither bad nor strong. It is a natural smell, but it doesn’t resemble the smell of fermented or fresh fruit.


    It offers a soothing effect as soon as yo…

  • Where Can You Buy Papaw Ointment and Cream?

    If you are like most people, then you probably want to be sure you look your best at all times. One of the easiest ways to make sure that you look your best is by taking care of your skin. Even though it might be hard for you to take care of your skin at all times, healthy skin is the secret of looking youthful. No matter how good your body looks, you won’t fool anybody if your skin looks unhealthy and under nourished. One of the ways to improve the condition of your skin without surgery is by using papaw ointment. Papaw ointment has numerous useful qualities that keep your skin looking great. Papaw ointments and creams can help smooth out any fine lines and wrinkles that you have, as well as provide your skin with much needed hydration. This hydration will help prevent further damage to the skin. Maybe the reason that you have not bought papaw ointment or cream yet is because you just do not know where to get it. So, where can you buy papaw ointment and cream?

    Papaw ointment can easily be purchased through various online retailers, such as this site. The reason the internet is the best place to purchase this skin care product is because of the amazing discounts available. Due to the fact that online vendors have lower overheads than a traditional bricks and mortar store, they are able to offer products, such as papaya cream, at a reduced rate. Also, when you purchase papaw ointment online you have many options in terms of the brand of cream you can choose. Even though there are some brands available in stores, the internet offers a wider selection to you, the buyer. Some brands may be difficult to find in certain parts of the country, but the internet gives you the option to purchase these hard to find brands.

    If you do not want to buy papaw ointment and cream online, you can always purchase these products in stores. The place to go if you are interested in paw paw ointment and paw paw cream is beauty supply stores. Beauty supply stores will have a large selection of brands for you to choose from. One of the main reasons that some people like purchasing their papaya ointment at a beauty supply store is so that they can talk to one of the sales represent…

  • Paw Paw Cream – Health and Nutrition

    Papaya and paw paw cream have a vast multitude of health benefits due to their high levels of helpful vitamins and nutrients. Recurring colds and other sicknesses are alleviated due to the strengthening effect that the fruit has on our immune system. Consuming paw paw juice regenerates helpful bacteria in our bodies that is killed during antibiotic treatments. Parasites residing in your intestines are destroyed by papain, an enzyme that is derived from paw paw. This enzyme is proteolytic in nature, as it digests non-living or inert proteins. Protein is the main component of intestinal parasites, meaning that papain destroys these parasites when they are present in the body.

    Lucas Paw Paw ointment is most commonly used in Australia, and people here are well aware of its ability to treat skin problems. Lucas paw paw ointment is a topical application for nappy rash, insect bites, open wounds, splinters, rash, gravel, cracked skin, cuts, chafing, burns, and boils. Paw Paw cream also brings temporary relief to people who are suffering from hemorrhoids, eczema and dermatitis. It works as an antiseptic agent against infection and provides a soothing effect to wounds. Paw paw ointment is suitable for all age groups due to the fact that it is both natural and gentle.

    Paw Paw ointment is effective in fighting eczema, especially during the winter months when dry, severe weather causes numerous skin problems in many people. The cream is also quite useful for the treatment of dry, cracked lips as it hydrates and soothes damaged skin.

    Paw Paw cream has a creamy texture and is quite thick, which is similar to petroleum products such as Vaseline. It has a clear and light orange color free of sediment. The cream applies clear and has a slight, yet distinct odor, which is natural smelling with a hint of papaya fruit.

    You’ll achieve a soothing effect as soon as you put it on your lips. Paw paw cream spreads quite easily and melts the moment it touches skin, but it still remains thick in comparison with other common creams. It is also quite effective in relieving eczema without any side effects. You won’t find any other cream that is quite as effective in treating y…

  • Paw Paw Ointment Products are Based on Scientific Studies

    Papaya fruit is a wonderful source of vitamin E, C and A, as well as folate and dietary fiber. It also contains niacin, thiamine, riboflavin, iron and calcium in small amounts. It has a low percentage of sodium and calories, a high percentage of vitamin C and A, and is quite rich in carotenes and flavonoids (antioxidant nutrients).

    Enzymes like chymopapain and papain are highly present in paw paw. These enzymes break down protein in the food we eat and convert it to amino acids, which aid in the process of digestion. According to the latest studies, amino acids are crucial to all processes in our bodies. This includes the chemical reactions that control both our physical and mental health. As we grow old, our stomach and pancreas produce fewer enzymes, causing the digestion of proteins to become less effective. As a result of this we accumulate additional undigested protein, which facilitates the growth of bacteria that is harmful for the gastrointestinal system. In order to stay healthy, it is absolutely necessary to preserve high quality proteins. Enzymes present in the papaya ointment are truly helpful in this aspect because inert proteins are digested by proteolytic enzymes such as papain.

    Research is now being carried out to diminish the side effects of cancer therapy, such as mouth sores and difficulty swallowing following chemotherapy or radiation. In addition to preparing our body to withstand cancer, enzymes found in papaya stabilize our immune system. These enzymes are effective as they’re derived from naturally cultivated papaya. Our body is also protected from harmful molecules by the powerful antioxidant properties of papaya. These harmful molecules are highly present in those with diseases such as diabetes, cancer, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. These days, researchers are  involved in finding out more benefits that could be achieved from the papaya fruit.

    If you wish to find more information about papaya and it’s benefits, you can find a plethora of information on various governmental and scientific study websites. The benefits of papaya can be found not only in papaw creams and lotions, but also by eating fresh papaya fruit. …

  • Papaya Cream – A Quality Product For All

    Papaya is a fruit that contains precious enzymes like chymopapain and papain that assist our digestion process. The enzymes specifically help to convert proteins from the food that we consume into amino acids. Recent research has shown how amino acids act as a key agent in various processes concerning our physical and mental health,including chemical reactions that take place in our bodies. As we grow older the production of digestive enzymes slows within our pancreas and stomach, and this causes the digestion of protein to become less effective. The result is an excess of undigested proteins that help fight the growth of the harmful bacteria within the gastrointestinal system and the absence of important amino acids that facilitate all vital chemical reactions. In order to maintain good health, it is absolutely essential to retain quality protein. The enzymes in papaya play a crucial role in this process.

    Proteolytic enzymes such as papain digest non-living or inert proteins. Intestinal parasites are attacked and killed by papain as these parasites are made of protein.

    Research is being conducted in relation to the use of papain for relieving the side effects of cancer therapy. It is known to effectively ease side effects such as mouth sores and problems with swallowing following chemotherapy and radiation sessions. It prepares our body to fight cancer and strengthens our immune system as well. Fermented papaya enzymes are used by an Australian company known as Rochway to create a product called papaya35. This product is made out of organically grown papaya. Their probiotic papaya mixture has antioxidant properties that strongly resist harmful molecules in our bodies. Cancer, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and diabetes are all caused by these same harmful molecules. Numerous studies are being carried out on the benefits of papaya, and new benefits are being added to a long list.

    If you are interested in the current studies being conducted you can find more information at You’re likely to come across a useful papaya ointment if you search the market or alternatively, you can consume fresh papaya fruit. If you are seeking the therapeutic effe…

  • Skin Benefits of Papaw Ointment

    Daily stress and worry can often be observed on people’s faces. If you are looking for a natural product both for your face and hair, you can always use papaya treatments. Products such as papaw ointment and other creams can be used to replenish aged skin, and you can also effectively combine them with other natural elements. Let’s take a look at the benefits of paw paw ointment when it is combined with other fruits and vegetables.

    Papaya was referred to as “the fruit of the angels” by the native people who recognized it’s benefits. It has a yellow-red color with a sweet taste and a spherical form. The fruit originated in Mexico, but is cultivated in the majority of tropical countries. Papaya is rich in anti-oxidant substances, minerals and fibers. Moreover, papaya contains an enzyme called papain, which is beneficial in many ways, such as in healing lesions, curing allergies, and aiding digestion. Papain is also the secret ingredient of Lucas Papaw Ointment, which has been produced for over a century now. Recent studies have shown that papaya can delay aging, meaning that those who consume this fruit are often able to maintain skin elasticity for longer periods of time.

    Paw paw ointment contains three antioxidants (vitamin C, E, and beta-carotene), which are all useful in preventing arthrosclerosis and diabetes. Moreover, these antioxidants are also able to fight cholesterol. The fibers of papaya fruit fight against colon cancer and the enzymes in papaya ointment will speed up the healing process of burns and inflammations. At the same time, the nutrients present in papaw cream will also reduce inflammations, making the fruit very effective in treating asthma, rheumatism and arthritis. When it is fresh, the fruit can eliminate acne, remove surface wrinkles and improve the elasticity of the skin.

    Papaya cream can be used as directed earlier, but you can also make other effective combinations. Papaya ointment is a natural product, and for this reason it can be combined with any other natural creams or oils without any problems. For example, you can mix the ointment with oatmeal, honey or pumpkin. Those combinations will hydrate the skin, adjust…